The Air Cargo Excellence Survey data is also used to produce the ACE Data Service which ranks air carriers and airports on airfreight Service, Performance, and Value. It identifies strengths and weaknesses, enabling carriers and airports to better position themselves against the competition, and includes customized data that can be segmented and filtered by specific variables, for more granular analysis.

Some questions the ACE Data can answer:

  • How much better is my competitor’s service than mine?
  • Which airports/airlines do forwarders like working with the most?
  • How does performance vary based on tonnage carried?
  • What components of my business are in need improvement?

Specifically, the ACE Data Service includes detailed airfreight-related data for your company, sortable by geography, monthly cargo volume, respondent title, and more. Participants receive exclusive research report that analyzes air cargo performance, plus competitor data, including identification of airports/carriers cited as alternative cargo providers.

To find out more about the Data Service, or to participate in future Air Cargo Excellence surveys, please contact Marcie Belles at 212-991-6733 or